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[ Community Planning Event for Leicester's Cultural Quarter ]

29 November 2013

We have recently organised a community planning event for Leicester's Cultural Quarter. It was held over two afternoons in October and was a great success with over 200 people attending. The event was aimed at the local people who live and work in the area as well as visitors to the Cultural Quarter. We wanted to get everyone's opinions on the area; what is great, problems to solve now and ideas for the future.


The event was based around a model of the quarter which allowed those who attended to better understand the physical scale of their neighbourhood and allowed them to stick flags into the places that they had commented on. The model was covered with flags by the end of the event with over 400 comments received covering a range of topics from outdoors spaces, buildings, events and facilities. Some of the ideas were fantastic; a new music hub for young performers, art galleries, street art and the need for specialist shops. Other ideas sought a new park around the church of Saint George, new squares with mixed development to link the Curve and Orton Square to the Phoenix along with the improvement of the roads in the quarter. At a more basic level people highlighted their concerns of anti social behaviour, the degradation of key buildings and lighting.


Working as part of the Cultural Quarter Business Association we are now in earnest talks with the officers and members of Leicester City council to get some of the quick fixes done now and to include the larger more ambitious ideas included in the future plans for the Cultural Quarter.

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