[Theatre Gardens completed]

18 January 2017

Munro + Whitten completed a new scheme for the University of Nottingham as part of their five year framework. The brief was to prepare a design for the new gardens to be located adjacent to the student theatre.


The University vision was to create a quiet place, a retreat to relax in, for intellectual pursuits and calm activities.


It provides places for groups to mingle and meet which are balanced by places for individuals to find quiet enjoyment. It is intended as a new destination to escape the hustle and bustle of the campus. Spaces can also be used by theatre groups for small performances in an intimate outdoor environment.


Around the gardens are quiet seating areas as well as spaces for outdoor chess, petanque and table tennis.


The theatre entrance is now celebrated with a welcoming Entrance Plaza to give it a defined and more useable space to meet before performances and to spill out at the interval.


The gardens are a great success both during the day and in the evening when the new theatrical lighting creates a new welcoming environment.

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