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Landscape Design




Working closely with Pick Everard Architects we developed the landscape masterplan and detailed landscape proposals for University of Derby's new Business Enterprise Centre which is a hub for entrepreneurial endeavour and business development offering facilities for start up businesses as well as conferences.

Our aim was to develop a vibrant environment that can be enjoyed by staff and visitors alike. The new external environment reflects the spatial scale of the new and existing buildings and provides a legible and coherent structure to the site. Existing landscape features were retained and incorporated within the proposals. 

In the centre of the new contemporary landscape is a raised circular lawn with semi-mature columnar tree planting providing immediate impact and vertical presence as well as giving form and structure. 

A new 6ft water feature gives identity and celebrates the entrance route to the new Business Enterprise Centre. The use of linear lighting units, high quality paving materials and a contemporary suite of street elements reinforce the feel and character of the centre.