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Humberstone Skate Park

A community lead facility initiated by two local skaters who petitioned for a place to hang out and skate, board or bike. Munro + Whitten enjoyed a close working relationship with park and project managers at the City council who worked together to create an exciting place within the constraints of a well loved park and a tight budget.

Bowls, benches, grind bars, boxes, quarter pipes and jumps were incorporated to create a mix of hardcore and street incidents using bold and sculptural concrete placed and moulded insitu.

Braunstone Street Sports

The paddling pool was a key and memorable feature of Braunstone Park. Standing disused for the past two decades it was in need of a new lease of life and a new identity. Working with Leicester City Council and local skaters we transformed the disused paddling pool to a skatepark. The park caters for skateboarders and skaters of all skill levels. As part of the project a new dynamic play area was created with new footpaths / cycle paths and seating areas, bridges and railings were refurbished.

Spinney Hill Park Multi Use Games Area

Forgotten tennis courts in a corner of the park are remodelled for the urban sports of football, cricket and basketball. It was a continuation of our close relationship with the City and its officers to work with local youth and sports groups to meet needs and desires. A solid netted enclosure defines the space and sport territory with high level lighting and insitu concrete walls cut into the slope to level the ground but it is also a bold spatial statement in the park.