[ The Wharf, Loughborough ]

Private developer
area of business:

Landscape Design


Public Realm

Rivers & Waterways


The spatial masterplanning for the demolition and regeneration of a British Waterways canal basin as a high quality urban destination with a leisure core of restaurants and bars with town centre apartments. The design of waterside plazas locks the development into the canal and extends the town centre environment.

A new public realm extending the town centre to the canal with stepped arenas, plazas flowing around and under buildings. Releasing café, restaurant and bar patrons onto decked terraces.

Placing canal moorings and the open water with its ecology alongside a new urban place in so doing develop a new urban aesthetic. 

Munro + whitten worked closely with metz architects in the laying out of the new basin development to create a new public space to the old canal basin. We lead the design solutions for the re-engineering of the wharf edge, the mooring pontoons and steps of the plaza itself.