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Landscape Design


Custodial & Police

Wigston, Leicester

Kier Custodial, Pick Everard Architects and Munro + Whitten collaborated on a bid for the new £70m Glen Parva young offender unit.

The design intent was to create an area for young offenders where they can feel safe and calm. They will be involved in works and activities where they will be able to learn. The concept is to create a secure college environment.

The campus was divided into a number of key spaces which will interact between the natural landscape of the Parkland and an active urban Street.

Garden Courts which create a visual separation between the house blocks, offering a calm and enriching environment linked to the Parkland.

The Street at the core of the unit has been designed to support informal activities and link all accessible buildings together. Activities such as basketball, rollerblading, skateboarding, running will bring the street to life.

Whilst not successful the design team considered the proposals to be a major advance in architecture and landscape for yourg offenders.