[ North Arran Way, Chelmsley Wood, North Solihull ]

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North Arran Way, Chelmsley Wood, North Solihull

Munro + Whitten were initially engaged by the North Solihull Partnership in 2007 to provide landscape architectural services for the regeneration of Lanchester Park, an existing but rather neglected public open space.

Since this time, Munro + Whitten’s brief has exapanded to look at another public open space at Woodlands Highway, and to produce proposals for the improvement of the public realm and green spaces within the regeneration area.

The work has included producing sketch designs, detailed public realm proposals, materials pallettes and involvement with community engagement.

We have been involved with the delivery of residential projects in the North Solihull Regeneration Area, as part of Bellway Homes design team. Advising on public realm, landscape and townscape issues, as well as producing information for public consultation and detailed landsape proposals.