[ Landscape Design ]

As landscape architects our role is dependant on and formed by the type, content and scale of our project. We see landscape design as the careful and the specific laying out of the elements of the landscape whether hard materials such as paving and structures or soft materials that would include typically trees, shrubs and grass. We take care to create practical and build-able landscapes that are environmentally sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and with horticultural finesse.

Landscape design is focused at the human scale where it is adjacent buildings, in commercial courtyards, the domestic garden, the street or the park. It is that special place where people are close to and can directly interact with the materials and the design intent.

Artists are often brought into our team to create intrinsic pieces or play with our landscape palette or create a piece that sits into the landscape whether that be hard or soft in nature.

Roadsides and planting schemes in the countryside or on the edge of the town or city can equally be, and indeed should be, designed but here the broader sweeps of the designer’s hand prevail to reveal a greater affect using colours, forms or lines. It is here where the big visual statement occurs.

The ability to realistically visualise our designs whether in their own right or as part of an architectural scheme or to show a development within the existing landscape is key to seeking the approval of our clients, the public and in particular the planning authorities.

Working closely with external visualisers or using our own in-house systems we can provide full photographic quality montages or quick accurate imagery.

We remain proud of our free hand sketching and illustrative sections to provide artists impressions of schemes that offer a more evocative feel to our new landscapes.