[ Urban Design ]

Our clients call for our early involvement in major new developments for retail, commercial and residential projects. Our broad expertise informs early decisions on layout, site zoning and the juxtaposition of the built forms and the landscape elements. 

We have particular expertise in the aspects of sustainable development at all levels through working with all professions.

Our team provides a full package of drawn and written documents to support planning applications. Within the planning team we prepare or have input to framework documents, design statements and development briefs.

We are available to negotiate with local authority officers and statutory consultees on landscape, urban design and environmental issues raised at planning level. Should it be required we can present evidence to public inquiries in support of planning appeals.

We believe the urban design process is key to shaping the physical setting for our life in cities, towns and villages. It is the art of making places involving the design of buildings, groups of buildings, spaces and landscapes for people to create and regenerate successful communities.

We do not restrict our areas of work to rejuvenation of city neighbourhoods or the creation of new settlements but welcome and enjoy the delight of working in market towns and villages.

We are working closely with our clients and their architects, engineers and planners to create new places to live, work and grow up in. Our services include defining spatial volumes, determining building massing and heights to form and shape these spaces and the corridors that link the spaces and direct movement across and through urban places.